Consultancy and advice to the concessionaire of the new Hospital of Burgos

Project technical consultancy and advice on the construction and administrative concession from the exploitation of work of the new Hospital of Burgos. Within the project includes the revision of the Functional Plan: (1) proposal of improvement and optimization, memory development and supporting calculations of the proposal of optimization and description of your condition to the architecture of the current project; (2) analysis of the costs presented in the supply of the concessionaire for each of the services (work and nuclear work accessory or complementary); and (3) proposals for optimization, economic estimate of the improved proposal and defense of the same before the technical adviser of financial institutions ( “Due diligence” ); 4) technical advice for the assessment of project by the European Investment Bank and rating agencies” (the project has proved approved); 5) analysis of the needs of equipment and furniture depending on technical specifications, estimating real needs and its comparison with the proposal of the concessionaire, including improvements, points of optimization and new alternatives (for example radiodiagnosis outsourced); and 6) management eyewitness to Administration proposals