Total action, integral service.


  • Planning and design of the hospital model
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Functional planning
  • Outfitting and assembly
  • Commissioning and inauguration
  • Strategic development plans
  • Reorganisation and remodelling

Life Cycle:

  • The health service reform process and evaluation of results:
  • Design of health care models
  • Financing and purchasing of health care services
  • Planning, design, organisation and operation of health care networks

Health services management:

  • Clinical management
  • Implementation of management tools
  • Cost studies
  • Support for the implementation of health information systems
  • Process management
  • Patient safety and quality of care

Public-private collaboration:

  • Feasibility study
  • Generation of business opportunities
  • Preparation of tender specifications
  • Proposal presentation support
  • Financing support
  • Project execution support
  • Commissioning and inauguration of PPP hospitals
  • Project supervision

Training and Education:

  • Organisation of advanced training programmes in health care and social health planning and administration
  • Participation in master’s and other educational programmes